Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 SA 48HR

I'm considering shooting this one in black and white, using the Canon XL2 with the mini 35 adapter to get shallow depth of field. Standard def allows us to edit more easily, and master to dvd faster. If we draw Film Noir, we'll be all set. Other genres will work in B&W as well, especially drama and horror.

DP Craig Chartier

will be leading the visuals department, and has just come off of two back to back horror features up in Oklahoma. I don't think he really smokes.

No ideas for storyline yet, but we are going to limit ourselves to one location only, interiors where we can control the light. I have an abandoned farmhouse in mind....

Here's our cast:

Delaine Mathieu

Marycarmen Lopez

Carla Veliz

Carolyn King

Robb Wasielewski

Hector Machado


Brant Bumpers


Here's a few of the music tracks I've picked out for the film. I usually get a song or two ahead of time, especially if Joseph Metcalfe is not available to do the soundtrack. I think this one will complement our actors.


Ivan Aguiar and Abigail